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BB Wynter

I’m an author and illustrator, currently residing under the grey, morose skies of England. Being shy and quiet, I found solace and passion in the endless worlds of Fantasy, where even there I daydream. At the moment, I’m immersing myself within paintings and sketches that give life to the realm of The Lament of Sky, as well as working on the second instalment of the book. I like to drink all kinds of tea and have a constant craving for honey. I also like to spend my time reading the wonderful books of indie authors. https://bbwynter.wordpress.com/

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Breath Of The Titans: The False Titanbringer: Complete Trilogy
Mrs Sara Lynn Westbrook, Mr Riley Amos Westbrook

Hey everyone! Here is the new cover for The Lament of Sky! :) :)

Haunting read

Minutemen - Ann Livi Andrews

Very eerie and haunting. Its carefully thought out pacing created a suspense that left me with an unsettling chill.


A delightful experience from beginning to end.

That Scoundrel Émile Dubois - Lucinda Elliot

Ah, I really do love a Gothic story and this one makes my favourites list. It was a truly enjoyable adventure, full of sharp wit, elegance and charm, a handsome Count, a warm and brave female lead, a bold fiery maid, mysterious happenings, a greasy-creepy-yet-intriguing- villain, a unique take on time travel that is presented well and of course, the dashing scoundrel Emile and his sidekick the-curly-haired-Georges.
Not only was the humour refreshing and sharp, but the writing gives us a lot of gems. I particularly liked the reference the character's made of, “Here was an example of what happened if you listened to too many Gothic tales.”
Just an example of how enjoyable the style is, “You know, Ynyr, Kenrick has some singular party tricks. When his fishy eyes met mine in his nice friendly house, Devil take me if I didn’t feel I must pull mine away or be the worse for it. That is the first time I have had a nervous fancy. Morwenna’s tales must be getting to me, eh?” Really, you must read it.
This book was a delightful experience from beginning to end.

An epic adventure

Breath of the Titans:The False Titanbringer: Little Black Stormcloud - Sara Westbrook, Riley Westbrook

This had a very unique ending that was completely unexpected. It was an exciting twist, which leaves you wanting to know more and discover what is to come, with a need to read the next book to this epic tale.
I fell in love with the charming and witty Nord, the "loud annoying elf, way too pretty for his own good."
Onto the next instalment! I'm anxious to know what is going to happen.

The Lament of Sky - BB Wynter